Monday, March 11, 2013

Spartans 7/8 Silver Kicks off 2013 with a Big Win

Our Skyline Spartans senior 7/8 Silver team kicked off our 2013 spring season with a big 15-0 win over Mercer Island Maroon.

Silver point leaders were Nathan Brandt with 7 points, Zonta with 6, Harris with 5 and Fuller with 3.  Great ground ball play had gb leader Nile Dorchak with 5, followed by Brandt & Barrett with 4 each and Zonta & Strand with 3 each.

Any time your team D delivers a shutout the goalie deserves a shout out - Great Work Blake Lees!!

Today's Blog shot has Nathan Brandt slamming in one of his team high 4 goals!

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