Sunday, February 24, 2013

Spartans 7/8 Senior Green at the GELL MashUp

It was a good day for the Skyline Spartans 7/8 Senior Green team who played two games at this Saturday's GELL MashUp.  The MashUp was held at the Kirkland Lacrosse Center in Big Finn Hill Park and showcased a number of the region's top teams.

The Washington Lacrosse Officials Association was also present in force using the event as a major Spring tune-up for new and returning Youth referees.  There were a number of Skyline High School players in attendance either going through their first season orientation or helping mentor the new refs.

There is a selection of additional game photos on the Skyline Lacrosse Club's Facebook page - check them out!

Washington Lax Officials Train at the GELL MashUp

The Washington Lacrosse Officials Association (WALOA) held a first of it's kind Spring tune-up training for Youth referees this Saturday at the GELL MashUp held at the Kirkland Lacrosse Center in Big Finn Hill Park.

A number of Skyline High School players and alumni were present for the training either starting their first season as referees or helping as mentors. 

Spencer Noonan and Andrew Cespedes in the photo.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What? Really??

OK, call me a tad old-fashioned. 

Caught this weekend at a pre-season CWU-SU matchup in Seattle:  the ref is using an iPhone coin toss app to start the game... i know it's preseason and all....

Spartan Alum Jeremy Veilleux & CWU Wildcats in town

This weekend saw Skyline Spartan Lax alum Jeremy Veilleux (#8) and his CWU Wildcats take on Seattle University in pre-season action.  There was some great play on both sides and Jeremy laid on one of the best wrap checks i have seen in a long time; think the clearing midfielders stick came down somewhere in Lake WA.

It's always great to see our alums in action on local turf!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Spartans HS Team takes on Lake WA

The Spartans mixed HS team took on Lake Washington with the help of a great Northshore goalie in this weekends Winter League action hosted at the Overlake School.  Another good day for the Spartans!

As always, you can find additional game snaps on our Skyline Spartans facebook page - check 'em out!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Skyline Spartans v Northshore @ Winter League

Our Spartans HS mixed team faced off against Northshore this last weekend at Big Finn Hill Park.  Another good day for the Spartans at Winter League!

You will find a few more snaps from Saturday's game on the Spartans facebook page - check it out!  Give us a Like!

Mad Skillz

Our Winter League officials are already in regular season form!!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Spartans Senior 7/8 Tryouts

Spartan Stadium was filled with Skyline 7/8 players participating in the Spring season team tryouts on Tuesday. 

A group of Spartan coaches including Varsity Head Coach Henry Valentine, Senior Division Director Rene Cespedes, Senior Green Elite Head Coach Brett Hickey, Junior Division Director Brad Lees, and Varsity Defensive Coordinator Bob Holland were on hand running the drills and tracking player progress.

Senior Division team assignments were made over the weekend and practices begin Monday evening.

As always, more photos of the tryouts can be found on the Spartans facebook page...

Go Spartans!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

HS Winter League - Spartans vs Mukilteo

Week three of high school Winter League had the Spartans matched up with Mukilteo in another afternoon of aquatic lacrosse.  Nice outing for the Spartans!!

As always, more game photos on the Skyline Spartans facebook page...