Friday, January 1, 2010

Coach K - New Year Message

Hello Skyline Lacrosse Players,

I trust everyone had a pleasant holiday break and are now ready to get to work!

Captains will soon be reaching out to you with practice schedules and additional conditioning opportunities and I trust that you will all realize the importance of attending these sessions. I can tell you that come March I will expect everyone to have done the stick and skill work necessary to be ready for the season. I will not be using practice time on skill progression as that is the responsibilty of individual players. We will be introducing new systems both offensively and defensively and will not slow down because some players did not approach the season with the same level of commitment as others. Everyone within this program should be well-versed on wall ball drills and techniques and can look at various web-sites to learn more interesting wall ball drills....
( comes to mind as a good resource)

Please make sure you are working on your stick continually over the next couple of months and anyone who was on varsity last year should probably have 2 heads that they can reliably catch and pass with.
I'm very excited for the start of Captains practices and trust that you are too.

See you on the field,

Coach K

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