Thursday, October 22, 2009

Skyline Lacrosse supports ISF Calling for Kids drive

The Skyline Spartans Lacrosse team helped Issaquah Schools Foundation net a record fundraising night on Tuesday (20th): $54,000 raised!

Here is the word from ISF Co-Chair Deborah Parsons:

"Amazing job last night! With fewer students than ever before, we raised more money than ever before: $54,000!!

I saw so much enthusiasm in the room, and the cowbells were ringing all the time. You all looked like you were having fun, and for a great cause!

Thank you all for spending the evening raising money for the Issaquah schools. Without you, this event would not be possible."

Rumor has it that Happs rang up the evenings record donation, SkylineLAX consumed a record number of Swedish Fish and Happs, Ryan & Charlie gave the Issy HS Drill Team frequent demonstrations on how to properly celebrate nailing a goal.

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